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Energy Management/Energy Monitoring & Targeting

Every business has limited resources and in many cases energy management is afforded little or no time. Outsourcing energy monitoring to BM Energy Consultants will enable your company to shift its focus from peripheral activities to the businesses core activities.

BM Energy Consultants can provide an energy sub-metering system that will give real time data which will be monitored from our offices by our team of highly qualified energy engineers.

We will supply and install the system and provide weekly or monthly energy reports.

Reports will present a detailed interpretation of energy consumption along with recommendations for reduction or efficiency measures and set targets for future energy reductions.  

  energy sub metering

An energy monitoring and targeting system will enable your business to:

  1. • Identify where and how energy is consumed
  2. • Enable targeting of energy reductions
  3. • Alert to unexpected peaks in energy consumption
  4. • Budget for future energy consumption
  5. • Verify energy savings associated with upgrade measures
  6. • Identify performance problems in equipment and uncover areas for improvement


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